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Step-by-step instructions preannouncements

Your first preannouncement

Creating a new preannouncement

After logging in at online.alfapass.be. You will see 3 links on the right side of the screen.

Choose the first link. This will open the screen to a new preannouncement.


Choosing the vessel

Enter the vessel name (or part of it, if you’re not sure of the exact spelling) and press ‘Lookup’.
A list will appear with all vessels found with this name. Click the vessel you want to make a preannouncement for.
You will see that the correct agent/waterclerk and the quay number are automatically filled. In case agent/waterclerk or quay were unknown at this time, you can fill them manually.


Entering a visit reason and optional license plate and comments

You must enter the reason for your visit and optionally the license plate of the vehicle or any comments concerning your visit.


Adding visitors

Next, you’ll have to add the visitors. If the visitors have an Alfapass, you can click the button ‘Add from Addressbook’. If they don’t, you must use the ‘Add Visitor’ button.
If you use the Addressbook, you just click the visitors you want to preannounce and press the OK button.
If the visitors don’t have an Alfapass, you will enter them manually by pressing the ‘Add Visitor’ button.

Upload files if necessary

Finally, you can upload any files if necessary.


Sending and saving

To send your preannouncement right away, just press the ‘Save & Send’ button. If you want to use this preannouncement as a template for new preannouncements later on, you can press the ‘Save’ button.
After sending, when you go back to the main menu, you can now see that 1 preannouncement is waiting for approval.


If you click the ‘pending’ link, you can get a list of all preannouncements waiting for approval. Clicking a preannouncement will give you more details.

Notifications by email

You will receive an email when the preannouncement is approved or rejected.

If wanted, to avoid email overload, we can only send an email when the preannouncement is rejected. Please contact the Alfapass helpdesk to assist you with this.

Preannouncement rejected?

Open the rejected preannouncement, make the necessary changes and resend it. Or if you want to cancel, just choose ‘Cancel Preannouncement’ button in the bottom right of the preannouncement form.