Alfapass based on MBA-study

Taking into account the benefits of a common ID card, an MBA study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of introducing such a card into the harbor of Antwerpen. This project was named “Alfapass – Port Access Security System.”

Early 2004 the port facilities were given a survey with the aim to examine which ID systems are already used in the harbor. The MBA study provided an analysis of the responses to this survey, in order to make recommendations regarding the possible systems that could be used.

Taking into account the conclusions of the MBA study, an expert group within the then AGHA developed the lines of Alfapass:

  • it is a common ID card for the whole harbor area
  • The card must be technologically supported (ie, machine-readable)
  • there has to be the possibility to store biometric data (hand scan) so that the user of the card can be verified
  • a specific card system is provided, so that the readers can be tuned
  • The card must be linked to a central database. This database includes basic information concerning the frequent visitor. Through a periodic synchronization the data above can be brought into line with the various local databases of the individual companies
  • an option is provided for access control, an online connection to the central database should allow to offer applications to companies who do not wish to have their own access control, but want to use a centrally managed system instead