Alfapass introduces biometric finger scan

Since 2004, the handscan of the card holder will be registered at the Alfapass card. Checking the hand scan in offering the card avoids the use by someone other than the cardholder registered in Alfapass.

The handscan has a number of shortcomings. The devices are quite pricey and not very suitable for outdoor installation.

At the request of the affiliated facilities examined Alfapass additional biometrics.

The multispectral finger scan, particularly the machines developed from the Lumidigm sensor, theoretically proved the best choice for our port area.

Not to rush things we developed a ‘proof of concept’ with Camco at APM Terminals Zeebrugge. This was done in consultation with representatives of other interested terminals. The finger scan became, after a successful trial operation, in use by APM Terminals.

Since the spring of 2013 Alfapass enrolles beside the handscan also biometric finger scan data of two fingers. This means that if one finger is injured or some other reason it can’t be used, the cardholder can offer the other registered finger.