Alfapass as an organisation

Alfapass as an organisation

About Alfapass

Alfaport Antwerpen and CEPA, as representatives of this community, have established the Alfapass company together with Seagha in the light of the importance for the entire port community. This new organisation vouches for the basic investment, issuing of the ID cards and also for running and managing the card system.

The Alfapass card itself will be paid for by the applicant and will be valid for a period of three years. The card offers the frequent visitor the advantage of much quicker service in the port compared to the occasional visitor who does not possess an Alfapass card.

Initiatives for the security of the transport chain have rapidly increased since 9/11, not just for the aviation industry, but also for the shipping industry. With regards to the latter, both the security of ships and the security of port terminals are considered.

What does Alfapass do?

Alfapass is responsible for the creation and distribution of the electronic ID cards and also manages the shared database. However, the individual participating terminals are responsible for awarding access rights, installing the reading equipment,…

The technical requirements that this reading equipment need to meet are specified in the “white paper” of Alfapass. This will be mailed to you on request.