Ordering and collecting cards

Ordering and collecting cards

How does one order an Alfapass card?

First the employer should register as a new customer online on the website. Once the company is a registered customer, the cards can be requested online in the Alfapass customer application.

Orders are usually processed within 8 hours of receipt, including the invoice.

From the moment the invoice is made, the request has been processed administratively and ready for further technical processing.

This invoice includes both the one-time production fee and the annual subscription.

Where can the Alfapass cards be picked up?

Several issue stations have been established. After the Alfapass card is requested, the employer will be informed where the cards can be collected.

Cards must be collected personally.

Lorry drivers can collect their cards at the Port of Antwerp (9130) on Quay 1742, Sint Antoniusweg (low building PSA/MPET) or the Port of Zeebruges (8380) on Doverlaan 7, APZI (1st floor).

For all the addresses, opening hours and other contact details, please visit contact-page

Within what time limit must Alfapass card be collected?

From the application and the payment of a card is provided to a maximum of SIX months period for this card to be removed, then the application will be completely canceled.

If the customer still wants his card, then the whole procedure must be repeated and will include both production costs and the subscription will be charged again.