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Belgian New Fruit Wharf



C.RO Ports Zeebrugge

CSP Zeebrugge Terminal

Leopold II Dam – Quay 120
E-mail: zeebrugge.info@cspterminals.com
Tel. +32 50 50 25 00

Contactperson: Duty Port Facility Security Officer
E-mail: zeebrugge.pfso@cspterminals.com
Tel. +32 50 50 26 16
Fax. +32 50 50 25 51

Security Desk
E-mail: zeebrugge.security@cspterminals.com
Tel. +32 50 50 25 61
Fax. +32 50 50 25 51

  • Truckers should apply in person at the security desk one time. They will then receive information about the security rules. After having registered, access to the trucker gate will be granted as long as the Alfapass is valid.
  • Longshormen should apply in person at the security desk one time, where they will receive information about the security rules. Access will then be granted for as long as the Alfapass is valid
  • All other users should apply in person at the security desk. According to the reason of his/her visit, specific access will be granted for a certain period. They will also receive specific information about the safety and security rules.
    If the visit is related to a vessel, the visitor has to be pre-registered by the captain or the ship’s agent.
    This pre-registration can be sent directly to our security desk.
  • The Alfapass is strictly personal and cannot be passed to anybody under any circumstances. If improper use is noticed, the entry-rights of the Alfapass will immediately be blocked. Similar improper use will be reported to the LCMB (Local Committee of Maritime Security) in Zeebrugge as an ‘ISPS-security incident’

ICO, International Car Operator

  • Zeebrugge Shipping & Bunkering
  • Accessory Plant Zeebrugge
  • Combined Terminal Operators
  • International Car Operators

Contactperson: Roland Vannieuwenhuyse, Quality – Safety – Security
Tel. +32 50 54 25 80

PSA Zeebrugge

Quay 140 – 143
Zeebrugge International Port Multi Purpose (ZIP MP)
Caxtonweg 8380 Zeebrugge

Contactperson: Security Afdeling

Activation of the pass trough email has to be done swiftly, with exception of truckdrivers and longshormen.