Port Facilities

Activation of the Alfapass

Before the Alfapass can be used at a terminal, you should register the Alfapass at the local security desk of each Port Facility (or group of companies) once. This service is usually clearly indicated at the company entrance. If not, you can obtain information from the logistical operators at the check-in. Companies operating on several quays only need to have an Alfapass activated once at one of the terminals. We refer to the list below for a full overview per company.

The activation process for each company ensures that your Alfapass is also recognised by the local access control systems of the Port Facilities and that you are allocated specific access rights from that moment on. Once you have registered, your rights should remain valid until the card’s expiry date.

Caution: The Port Facility itself is responsible for the activation of the Alfapass and the allocation of access rights. The activation procedure is determined by the relevant Port Facility. Any information in this respect can only be obtained from the Port Facility. Alfapass cannot offer any assistance in this respect.

Affiliate Port Facilities

The uniform Alfapass ID-card is introduced to avoid that people who are frequent visitors of the port facilities have to carry a different access badge for every different company. The Alfapass also offers the frequent visitor the advantage of accessing the port facilities in a much smoother way than occasional visitors that don’t own an Alfapass.

Hence the importance of giving users of the Alfapass correct information of where they will be able to make use of their electronic card. The following gives an overview of all Port Facilities that tuned their access control systems to the Alfapass.

The possession of an Alfapass does not mean that the Alfapassholder is automatically granted access. Again we must stress the fact that it are the Port Facilities that remain responsible at all times for the granting and management of access rights to their premises.