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Alfapass Visitor Preannouncements

Why online preannouncements?

The current way of preannouncing ship visitors by email is unsafe (emails can be forged easily) and quite cumbersome.

Our clients (cardholders and participating facilities) asked for a solution, we listened. The solution we offer is based on the results of a workgroup with potential users of the system, all with considerable field experience and members of the Antwerp Security Think Tank.

Do I need an Alfapass to use this?

No, but you need to register an account with Alfapass at online.alfapass.be. Visitors with an Alfapass however, can be added by the click of a button instead of having to manually enter all their details.

Registering your user account with Alfapass

You don’t have an Alfapass online account yet?

If your company isn’t an Alfapass client or doesn’t have an Alfapass account yet then please register your company at online.alfapass.be

Not sure your company is registered?

If you’re not sure your company is already registered then please contact our helpdesk (contact info below). They will determine if your company is registered and take the necessary steps to provide you with an account.

Advantages for the visitors

  • A unified way of handling preannouncements for all terminals involved.
  • Track the current status of your preannouncements, get notified when they’re rejected.
  • No more delays because your preannouncement can’t be found for various reasons (hidden as an attachment in an email, forgot to send, never arrived,…).
  • Easily get an overview of your upcoming visits and possible changes in ETA/ETD.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions?

Please contact our helpdesk.