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Your identity in a handy mobile app

What is MyAlfapass?

MyAlfapass is a mobile app that displays your digital identity. With your Alfapass identity always at hand, logging in securely becomes as easy as that.


A locker, vehicle, application or gate? With MyAlfapass’ 100 percent digital solution, you let us know who you are and when you are taking action.


With MyAlfapass you always have control over your own data. You will receive notifications and you can find out the current status of your services.


Where and when you need it: MyAlfapass is in your pocket. You’re ready to start the working day. Do you always leave with a charged battery?

Working with MyAlfapass.

Log in

With MyAlfapass you can log in quickly and securely.

Log in
View status

Easily check the status of your identity or subscriptions with Alfapass.

View status

MyAlfapass helps you with authentication. First you show it’s you and then the app does the rest.

Receive notifications

Is an extra PIN or a biometric verification needed? The app notifies you. That way you are always informed.

Receive notifications
View contact details

Do you want to ask a question or look up Alfapass’ address? MyAlfapass shows you the way.

View contact details

MyAlfapass’ advantages

Always at hand

You and your smartphone are inseparable. With MyAlfapass on your smartphone, you can prove your identity, anytime, anywhere.

Fast and user-friendly

The mobile app is easy to use and gives you quick access to your services and data.

100% secure

Security and safety of your data is important to us. Share your data with confidence. We treat it with the utmost care.

How do I activate MyAlfapass?

Download MyAlfapass

Download the app.

Come to an issuing office.

Register at an Alfapass office.

Follow some simple steps.

Have fun with MyAlfapass!

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