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Alfapass Smartcard
A verified identity in card form

What is the Alfapass Smartcard?

The Alfapass Smartcard gives end users a verified identity across national borders. Due to its use at multiple locations, its user-friendliness, and security, the Alfapass Smartcard effortlessly distinguishes itself from other access cards. Because Alfapass sets the bar high: with intelligent integrations that flawlessly verify the identity of the end user.

Secure Smartcard

The Alfapass Smartcard is a secure, intelligent card with a verified identity. This card gives the end user access to a predetermined physical location.

Secure registration

The identity is always verified and issued in a physical way. The end user has to pick up the card at one of our offices. This way, we can link the necessary biometric data to the Alfapass Smartcard.

Trusted location

The Alfapass Smartcard comes in handy to provide physical access to a trusted location on a company property. Compare it to a key with which someone enters one of our affiliated partners premises.

Alfapass Smartcard advantages


The Alfapass Smartcard is compatible with all applicable safety regulations. The integration of the card is smooth, thanks to NFC techniques and systems.


Nothing is simpler than using the Alfapass Smartcard to prove your identity. It contains all essential identity data supplemented with unique biometric data.

In a hurry? Then, with your Alfapass Smartcard to hand, you definitely have a head start with affiliated companies. Your identity will be verified in no time. 

Collecting your Alfapass Smartcard


The end user personally collects their Alfapass Smartcard at one of our Alfapass offices. Bring your identity card or passport with you. Then, we will also link your biometric characteristics to your Alfapass Smartcard. We secure and validate this data with the highest possible security standards.


Activating the Alfapass Smartcard and assigning access rights is the full responsibility of the (port) facility. This activation procedure is freely determined by the (port) facility concerned. You will obtain this information when you collect the Alfapass Smartcard.


Alfapass only needs to be purchased once. An annual subscription ensures that the data of the visitors/end users meets the highest security standards and that the operational services are always active.

Alfapass identity

60 euros per year

* One-time administration and production cost: 35 euros per card.

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