About Alfapass

“Alfapass is a result of the application of the ISPS code introduced after the 9/11 terror attacks.’’

After an improvement in airport security, seaport security was moved up the agenda. Since the summer of 2004, the ISPS regulations stipulate that all water-bound port terminals must, among other things, check and register the identity of all visitors.

The launch of Alfapass

 A different control system for each terminal? Something everyone wanted to avoid. That is why a joint system was set up within the Antwerp port community. The system also had to limit the time lost by dock workers at the terminal entrance. This eventually led to the establishment of Alfapass, a cooperative company with three partners: the umbrella organisation Alfaport, the employers’ federation CEPA and Seagha, the technological arm of the port community.

Since its foundation in 2004, Alfapass has been responsible for raising and utilising the professionalism of personal identification in the port.

Initially, this system was intended for dock workers, but today it can be applied to all visitors to the port and to other sectors.

Alfapass is responsible for the production and distribution of personalised Smartcards for a wide range of companies. Assigning access rights and installing reading equipment (authorisation) is the clients’ responsibility.

Today, however, there is significant momentum to evolve to a portfolio of digital solutions.

Company profile

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Our goal

As a service provider, Alfapass is focused on providing the world’s leading verified digital identity solutions for regulated industries. With the goal of being the partner of choice to maximise security through the widespread use of Alfapass-solution(s) in these industries.

Leading principles

The foundation of all Alfapass services and tools? Due to our high standards regarding safety and compliance, we always have the unique data and the correct ID data that meet all legal requirements.


Alfapass sets the bar high, with progressive and secure methods and technologies.


Compliancy to complex standards is intrinsic to all our solutions.


All our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into other systems.


Identity fraud does not stand a chance thanks to Alfapass. With us, you have 100 percent certainty about the verified identity.

Alfapass over the years

Alfapass’ foundation

As a result of the ISPS code introduction, the Antwerp port community decided to set up Alfapass as a solution for mandatory identity verification and registration.

Introduction of the Alfapass Smartcard

Alfapass offers a solution for mandatory identity verification and registration. The Smartcard was set up to give dock workers access to several port terminals with one card. This was soon extended to visitors to seaport terminals.

Alfapass Smartcards in Zeebrugge

The Alfapass Smartcard is offered in Zeebrugge by Apzi, the partner of Alfapass. 

ADR-certificate linked to Alfapass

The ADR certificates for drivers are also found in our system. Through our service, the terminal has insight into the driver's qualifications. This way terminals know whether the driver has been trained for the goods he will be transporting.

Fingerprint implementation

In addition to the Smartcard, Alfapass uses biometrics. We do this to prevent misuse of the card or of an identity.

Preannouncement procedures

Now, visitors can preannounce at a terminal for visits to ships or locations.

Alfapass Web 2.0

The  Alfapass application has been optimised and given a new look.

Onboarding optimisation

The authenticity of submitted identity documents is checked by using advanced technology. The identity is, of course, also checked with the person standing in front of us. This is how we ensure the highest possible security level.  

Transition to new card technology

A major exchange campaign took place in 2021 ensuring that we work with the latest and most secure card technology. Because security is highly valued by Alfapass.

Preannouncement becomes Prean

Preannouncement gets its own identity: “Prean”. Prean is powered by Alfapass, so with your Alfapass identity, you can access two applications.

Alfapass rebranding

Alfapass gets a new look & feel