Identification and authentication of identities

Smooth onboarding starts with Alfapass. Because, we have everything to ensure access to a physical or digital space.

Why use our Alfapass tools?

Our identification tools work to the advantage of various end users, who request access from our affiliated companies. Are you an employee, supplier, truck driver, contractor, visitor…? Then you will benefit from a quick and easy authentication by one of our tools.
One identity

One identity, multiple tools. Our tools allow you to use your verified identity at various companies. As a result, a visitor with an Alfapass ID will be processed faster.

Personal data security

All solutions offered by Alfapass are subject to the highest standards. This reduces the possibility of identity fraud. We also ensure that we are GDPR compliant so that your personal data is safe.

Ease of use

Just a few simple steps stand between you and gaining access. Make your request known by presenting your Smartcard or by identifying yourself via the MyAlfapass app. Fast and easy.

Our tools

Alfapass Smartcard

Prove your verified identity with a Smartcard.

Alfapass Web

Create and manage your identity on our web platform.


Prove your identity with our handy app.

How can I get an Alfapass identity?

Applying for an Alfapass identity is quick and easy. An Alfapass ordered and paid for online can usually be picked up the same working day!

Create an account with Alfapass here, after which you register yourself and your company. When all data is validated, you can order the Alfapass ID.

To complete the order, you will referred to our payment platform. After payment, the Alfapass identity is created.

Employees collect their Alfapass Smartcard in person at one of our offices. A manual and digital verification is carried out to determine the authenticity of the identity. Biometric data is also taken and written to the Alfapass Smartcard, encrypted, of course. At that time, you can also activate your digital Alfapass identity on your smartphone.

From now on, the employee can prove their ID. Before using the Alfapass at a terminal, you must register the Alfapass per Port Facility (or group of companies) once at the local security desk. Usually, this service is clearly indicated at the entrance of the company. Otherwise, ask the logistics operators at check-in. Does the company operate several quays? Then you only need to have your Alfapass activated once at one of the terminals.

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