Security in physical and digital perimeters

What can the Alfapass services mean for your company?
Alfapass’ clients are companies that want to know who they give access to regarding their premises or applications.  Alfapass takes the entire identification and authentication part out of your hands. This way, you know who you can open the proverbial door for.

Identification and authentication

We verify the physical and digital identity of our end users, which they can prove through their verified Alfapass Smartcard.


Alfapass’ services remove some of the complex regulatory and compliance challenges and offer these to you as a simple service.

Recently amended legislation on the lifecycle management of personal data presents companies with the usual challenges. Complex IT-systems and processes, changing regulations, ISPS and data protection make it all very complicated. Alfapass takes these worries away and completely handles it for you.

The way in which people make themselves known within your company is important. Alfapass’ authentication services allow you to organise access control the way you want. Not only the physical ways of registering, but also digitally. The combination of both possibilities is in line with the Alfapass’ offer. Multi-factor authentication to increase identification security is a standard option included in the Alfapass’ offer.

Digital signing

Deze vorm van authenticatie is de digitale variant van de fysieke authenticatie via het scannen van een document of biometrie. Nu controleer je de identiteit van je gebruikers met digitale middelen. Ben je graag 200% zeker? Combineer dan de digitale middelen met onze fysieke authenticatie.

Why opt for Alfapass?

Easy identification via physical or online registration

Alfapass allows quick and effortless identification. Visit one of our offices and follow a few simple steps. Or sign up online from your home, through one of our partners.

Online privacy

People don't like to share personal information online. By working with Alfapass, you communicate to your visitors/users that they do not need to share unnecessary information and that their data is completely safe. Alfapass’ services are in accordance with current regulations (GDPR, eIDAS, etc.)

Reduce costs

You can cross password management, even with a two-factor authentication, off your to-do list. You can also cancel your next order for hardware tokens or card readers. Digitise your paper flow with Alfapass.

Always correct ID data

With Alfapass, your user shares information that is completely reliable. No more typos or missing information. Only allow the right people access to your physical or digital perimeter.

Top level digital security

At Alfapass, data is always stored or communicated to our partners (provided the client agrees, of course) in an encrypted way. This way, all parties are protected against fraud and tampering attempts.

Unique digital ID

Anyone older than 18 years, with a smartphone and a valid identity document can create a digital identity at Alfapass.

How to collaborate with Alfapass?

What do you need? That is our starting point. To implement our services successfully, we follow a strict plan of action.

Every company has its own challenges. To understand what these are, we start with a consultation. This way, we get a good view of what you need.

Based on one or more consultations, we make a list of your requirements. Together with the integration partner your company is working with, we then analyse those wants and needs which gives us an indication of the obstacles. Based on that analysis, the necessary decisions are made in consultation with you.

After this decision-making process, an action plan is drawn up. This way, all parties know which change process will be followed.

After approval of the action plan, the changes are implemented together with your integration partner and we deliver the expected results.

After implementation and delivery of the product, the project is discussed and completed with your approval. 

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