Frequently asked questions

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You must first register your company as a customer. You do this online via our application. Once registered as a client, you can order your Alfapass ID via the Alfapass application.

Orders are usually processed administratively within 8 hours of receipt, including the creation of the invoice.

From the moment the invoice is created, the application is administratively completed and ready for further technical processing.

This invoice includes both the onetime creation cost and the annual subscription.

Go to . On the home screen, under the blue button ‘log in’, you select ‘Help with logging in’. click on ‘forgot password’. Once you have done this, you will receive a link via email, to reset your password.

No, this is not possible. Both the order and payment are done online at:

You can pick up an Alfapass at the counter after ordering and payment.

You can pick up an Alfapass at one of our offices.

Attention: If you want to pick up your Alfapass in Zeebrugge, please make an appointment first.

To make an appointment please call: +32 (0)3 303 28 29. Our colleagues will schedule a visit with you

You can find the opening hours of Alfapass Zeebrugge on our office page.

Do not forget to make an appointment if you want to pick up an Alfapass at this location

When you collect your Alfapass, you must have valid proof of identity with you. This is a passport or identity card.

Please note that driving licences, residence permits and certificates of loss,… are not accepted.

Once an Alfapass has been ordered, it can be collected after payment has been received and processed.

Please note: If you pay by bank transfer it will take a few working days before the payment is processed. You will receive a confirmation by email as of when the Alfapass can be picked up.

Your Alfapass is linked to the company you work for (your employer). If you work for multiple employers, you will need an Alfapass for each company.

Your Alfapass can be used at multiple companies. To view a list of these companies please click on the following link.

Your Alfapass is active upon receipt. You will receive a list of locations for which the Alfapass has already been activated and where you need to have it activated.

The Alfapass is valid for 3 years.

No, Alfapass does not issue day passes.

No, this is not possible. The Alfapass must be picked up by the person for whom it was ordered.

You need to provide us with the correct details by email so we can adjust them. As soon as they have been changed, you can have a new Alfapass made at one of our locations.

The invoice for this replacement will be sent afterwards.

You need to let us know as soon as possible. You can do this by sending an e-mail to .

A new VAT number must be registered.

Log in to your account. On the left side of the screen choose “register company”.

Enter all necessary information.  You will now see the new registration with a new customer number on the left.

Please note that you cannot order new Alfapasses or renew current subscriptions if the old VAT number is no longer active.

More questions mail to .

When you stop your company activities, you need to stop and block all your Alfapasses. You do this by clicking on ‘Active’ in the dashboard. This will give you an overview of all active Alfapasses. Select the person one by one for whom you need to stop the card. Choose the option ‘block and stop’ and then enter the reason for the status change and a possible description.

Do the same for your inactive cards that you have temporarily blocked. This is to avoid unnecessary costs.

Did you not find what you were looking for? Please send your question to , we will be happy to help you.